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Based around Harry Potter 3 generations after the end of the books. New struggles are stirring, which side are you on?
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 RPG 101 (© property of Potterholics Anonymous) Short!

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RPG 101 (© property of Potterholics Anonymous) Short! Empty
PostSubject: RPG 101 (© property of Potterholics Anonymous) Short!   RPG 101 (© property of Potterholics Anonymous) Short! EmptyThu 15 Oct 2009, 3:46 am

RPG 101:
RPG 101 ©️ property of Potterholics Anonymous
(may only be redistributed if this Copyright is attached. Any violation of this request will result in possible banishment from proboards for plagiarism.)

(Examples can be forund of most rules in this post here)

|||R P G . L E S S O N . N U M B E R . O N E|||
Know your English!

*When you are speaking, use quotations (“ ”).
*cAPITALisE Nouns (a word that refers to a person, place or thing)
*Dont use she/he all the time! Be creative! (the blonde, the funny one, etc, etc)
*Spelling is important, use this spell checker here.

|||R P G . L E S S O N . N U M B E R . T W O|||
Unless You're Nikolai Cadogan, Speaking is Important!

DONT JUST USE CAPITALS (it looks plain ridiculous! thats what ! were made for - and you only need one! not loads)
Ascent your character, dont leave them speaking in monotone!
Speak in character! Not just how you would speak, if they have a bloody nose, make it sound like it!
Also, when your character is thinking, use ' ' and italics, then you know they are thinking!

|||R P G . L E S S O N . N U M B E R . T H R E E|||
Your Entry

*Make sure its longer than one line, add detail! You could make an entire paragraph if you think about it!
*Make sure you are replying to whatever is going on. Do not make up your own thing right off the bat. If people are arguing don't just say your character appeared and started picking daisy's, while its OK to have them pick them, make sure they acknowledge what is happening with other Role Players.
Before you post, check the basics:
*Does my entry fit in with what's going on?
*Is everything spelled correctly (especially HP terms)?
*Does my entry make sense?
*Am I leaving anything out?
*Is this entry long enough?

|||R P G . L E S S O N . N U M B E R . F O U R|||
Your Character and You

* No Mary-Sues! How do you know if you've got a Sue? Well…
*If Ron, Harry, Draco and Neville all have crushes on your character…you might have a sue.
*If your character gets along with EVERYONE…you might have a sue.
*If there’s a problem and your character can fix/get rid of it without breaking a sweat…you might have a sue.
*If your character is a legillimens, animagus, metamorphagus, and seer…you might have a sue.
*If your character is graceful, beautiful, popular and smart…you might have a sue.
*If your character cries a lot because life is so hard…you might have a sue, but yet that person may also just be dull all-around.
*Oh and your character need not have special powers, If you’re playing a student character, the odds of them being an animagus (with exceptions of marauders) is very slim. Your character can still be productive by having no other skill than good old-fashioned wizard skills. Though few realize it, perfection is often what other role players despise. The less-perfect your character is, the more fun it’ll be to play them.

|||R P G . L E S S O N . N U M B E R . F I V E|||
Do Not Assume. It Makes An ASS out of U and ME.

*Only play YOUR character!

*It can be hard to write just for your character, but how would you feel if someone said that their character raised their hand in class and snickered when they got picked and you didn’t? How do they know that your character even raised your hand?

*Do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT say a character did or said something when the character has not already stated it. It will upset and possibly anger the other person. The only time it is okay to assume is when you have permission from the person you're playing with. GET PERMISSION!

|||R P G . L E S S O N . N U M B E R . S I X|||
Private RPG

*A private RP is simply role playing between a certain party of people who want to roleplay together with no outside players, you can spot a private RP because it will have the character’s names/usernames in brackets and will sometimes include a title, such as:

In the Snow [Theresa, Leonard, Rob]

* If it does not have the names or says [OPEN] then its fine to Roleplay, if not, then only they can post there unless you get permission from them (you can PM them using the PM button at the bottom of their post)

|||R P G . L E S S O N . N U M B E R . S E V E N|||
Out Of Character Chatting

*Sometimes you need to ask a question out side of role playing TO DO with the Role Play, when this is necessary, simply write the words “OOC:” or ‘Out of Character’ and type your message.

*However, only do it if it is RP related! If not, PM the person or use the OOC threads at the end of the forum, otherwise it just clutters up the page, not everyone wants to know what you had for lunch the previous day!

|||R P G . L E S S O N . N U M B E R . E I G H T|||
Staying In Character

*If your character is shy, don't have them go and attack random people, make sure you stay true to the role! Otherwise, its no fun!

|||R P G . L E S S O N . N U M B E R . N I N E|||
Simultaneous Responses

*Sometimes when you hit reply, there is another post that wasn't there before above yours and it contradicts what you are saying. Unfortunately, it is your place to edit your post to go with what they say, the first one to post is always right.

*If you don't edit, and it is still wrong, people will ignore yours and your post will be deleted by a moderator.

|||R P G . L E S S O N . N U M B E R . T E N|||

Hopefully by now you know what a good role-play is and what a bad one is. I hope you learned a lot from this guide, and if you still have some trouble understanding, please PM me or one of the other administrators of this site, and we will gladly help you! Also, watch your fellow roleplayers. They will help you the most; I cannot stress it enough! Have fun, and happy posting! Welcome to The New Life!
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RPG 101 (© property of Potterholics Anonymous) Short!
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