The New Life

Based around Harry Potter 3 generations after the end of the books. New struggles are stirring, which side are you on?
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Ravenclaw Prefect
Ravenclaw Prefect

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RPG Section
Character Name: Ribellen
Age: 15
Race: Other

PostSubject: Ribellen   Mon 27 Jul 2009, 11:34 am

[b]Character Name:Ribellen
[b]Character Age:15
[b]Good or Bad:Good
[b]Role play sample (optional): Ribellen! her parents were muggle borns she didnt know how or why this letter came in for her it said. Howarts school of magic. RIbellen thought to herself " how can i be a witch if my parents are muggle borns" until her mom came and told Ribellen that her grandma and aunty Bella were witches. Ribellen couldn't believe what she was hearing but she thought it was fun being different in the family.

Ribellen couldn't wait to follow her Grandma footsteps.

[b]Previous role play experience (optional): Ribellen
[b]Any other infortmation:I dont mind in which house i am in
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Sorting Hat
Sorting Hat
Sorting Hat

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PostSubject: Re: Ribellen   Mon 27 Jul 2009, 12:10 pm

Hummm.... Very difficult. Better be.....


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