The New Life

Based around Harry Potter 3 generations after the end of the books. New struggles are stirring, which side are you on?
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Gryfindor Prefect

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Character Name:

PostSubject: Calum   Thu 23 Jul 2009, 9:11 am

Character Name:Calum West
Character Age:15
Good or Bad:Good but not always
Role play sample (optional)"Oh god" Calum moaned quietly. He was half-blood but, as his dad had run of when he was just 2, he had no idea he was magic, he shuddered at the word, untill he had recieved the letter from Hogworts. His mum had adapted to the idea quickly and was extreemly enthusiastic about his exceptance to the school. It still overwhelmed Calum but he new, even if he didn't realize, that he was over th moon. He spoted a bit-shorter-than-average girl, with long blonde hair and a of-with-the-marshions look about her.
Even if she did look like she wasn't coming back to earth in a while, the glow of magic clung to her like a cloak. As he had no idea what he was doing, he decided that she was his best hope. "Uh, hi. I'm Calum. Can you help me out? I don't know were i'm going."
Previous role play experience (optional)on this site, I am Holly and Mai
Any other infortmation:I would love to be a griffindorian (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)

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Sorting Hat

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PostSubject: Re: Calum   Fri 24 Jul 2009, 5:30 am

Well, if no other house suits you, better be GRYFINDOR!
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