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Based around Harry Potter 3 generations after the end of the books. New struggles are stirring, which side are you on?
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 Mai, Sorting hat

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2nd Year
2nd Year

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PostSubject: Mai, Sorting hat   Fri 12 Jun 2009, 12:40 am

Character Name:Mai Hinamori
Character Age:15
Good or Bad:Good as gold (ish)
Role play sample (optional)Mai rushed down the corridor. Late! Again! She was always late, and a big, no huge, new school didn't help much. She pelted it down the last corridor and in through the open door. The first thing she saw was the teacher. "I am so, so, SO sorry. I have a habbit of being late and i got lost and i woke up late and i'm so sorry!" Mai blurted out worridly. She took another look around the room, spending just long enough to fully take in her soroundings. Now she looked, there were the two other teachers from the platform and a young girl in griffindor robes. "Um...this is art, drama and creative writing...isn't it?"

Previous role play experience (optional)This site
Any other infortmation:If you have an influance over who goes where, can i be put in Gryfindor?

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Sorting Hat
Sorting Hat
Sorting Hat

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PostSubject: Re: Mai, Sorting hat   Mon 22 Jun 2009, 9:26 am

Well, all of your data points towards Gryfindor, so Gryfindor it must be!
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Mai, Sorting hat
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